Aplikasi Rumenotomy pada Sapi

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Judul : Aplikasi Rumenotomy pada Sapi
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Aplikasi Rumenotomy pada Sapi

Case Bloat Rumenotomy Pads in Cattle

In cattle inflation is an acute case and must be addressed immediately. One way to deal with this case is a laparotomy, which is often called a rumenotomy fistula.

The technique uses a sharp knife, making a quick skin incision, 6 to 12 cm, above the midpoint of the left wing (paralumbar fossa). Continue incision through the skin, abdominal muscles thanks to the rumen.

This action will trigger an explosive release of rumen contents and be marked for the animal. It will then be necessary for a veterinarian to irrigate and clean the wound, followed by standard closure of the incision wall of the scar, abdomen and skin to prevent peritonitis.

Aplikasi Rumenotomy pada Sapi
Paralumbar fossa to perform Rumenotomy or stabbing cases of bloating

Piercing the scar with a standard trocar and cannula is far less traumatic than an emergency rumenotomy and has been used by livestock producers and veterinarians for the emergency release of foam and gas bloat.

Standard sized trocar and cannula adequate for gas release when gas cannot be expelled by Peruvian tube and when emergency rumenotomy is not necessary.

A skin incision about 1 cm long must be made before the trecar can be inserted through the abdominal wall in the left paralumbar fossa.

After inserting the trocar and cannula into the rumen, remove the trocar and leave the cannula in place, allowing foam or gas to escape.

The foam may be thick, so it may be necessary to insert a piece of wire into the cannula to create the foam.

Aplikasi Rumenotomy pada Sapi
Cannula for puncture swelling

The cannula can be left in place for several hours or even days if the bloating continues, with periodic inspections to ensure that the cannula is not obstructed. Anti-foaming agents can be administered via a cannula directly into the rumen. Trocars and cannula are also useful when opening to the rumen is required for several days

Handling Cases of Swallowing Plastic Bags With Rumenotomy in Cows

The following case is a case that occurred from Gondar, Ethiopia for six years. Observed the impact of using plastic bags on the environment and livestock health. During these six years, 711 cow rumenotomy was performed. Existing Foreign Bandage Range of scars 0.75 - 9 kg.

The impacts caused by this case are digestive disorders, impaction, rectal, polybezoar, and immunosuppressants. The common pallor symptom observed is swelling and is manifested by protrusion of the paralumbar fossa by the left side of the abdomen.

Other symptoms are depression, anorexia complete or accompanied by weight loss, rumen impaction, reduced milk production, and rumination of the breed. (Ramaswharmy and Sharma, 2011) The following is a description of the cows affected by this case.

Aplikasi Rumenotomy pada Sapi
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Aplikasi Rumenotomy pada Sapi

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