Evaluasi Semen Burung Puyuh

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Judul : Evaluasi Semen Burung Puyuh
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Evaluasi Semen Burung Puyuh



  1. 1 male quail
  2. Eosin dye 2%
  3. NaCl physiology

He has

  1. microscope
  2. petri dish
  3. mirror argument
  4. glass lid
  5. paste for tubes
  6. Bunsen fire

Rare work

1. Collection of quail sperm

  • Quail bird scared to facilitate sperm retrieval
  • Surgical massage of the back and hodu so that the cloaca papilla is zapatat and ejaculation by means of a cloaca memeset, then the semen that comes out is pounded with a petri dish that already contains physiological NaCl.

2. Quail sperm motility test

  • The cement found in the Petri-Freunde was then homogenized with a Pastors pipette and applied to a glass object.
  • Closed with glass lid
  • Observed under a light microscope to determine the motility or movement of quail spermatozoa.

3. Vital packaging for quail sperm

  • The concrete collected on the Shenta Petri friend of a terrace was placed on another clean glass object.
  • Apply 2% eosin and two drops of mix on the glass object with cement and apply a thin layer vertically.
  • Dry with a Sekara Serah Anka Eight glass object.
  • Observed under a light microscope for quail sperm viability.

Results of semen collection and quail viability

Evaluasi Semen Burung Puyuh
Quail sperm collection.

Evaluasi Semen Burung Puyuh
viability of quail sperm

Evaluasi Semen Burung Puyuh
Sperm of quail affected by apoptosis


Sperm is the result of excretion from the male genitalia, which is usually ejaculated during mating, but can also be used naturally for artificial insemination (IB).

Manduang sperm is a small, compact and highly cellular cell that neither grows nor divides. Sekara Basically, the sperm consists of a head, which carries the father's material with it, and a tail, as a means of propulsion.

Avian spermatozoa have a slender cylindrical head with a tapered acrosome. The sperm head in round poultry is curved with a length of 12-13 m and a deci-limuti acrosome (2 m).

The sperm tail consists of the neck, middle part, main part and tip. The central part of the tail has a length of 4 m and the length of the sperm is more than 100 m, consisting of the part of the tail and the widest part of the sperm measuring 0.5 m.

Evaluasi Semen Burung Puyuh
Bayan sperm part

The acrosome is remodeled by the Golgi development apparatus at the time of spermatogenesis, with the central part and tail being remodeled by the mitochondria and the cytoskeleton, the central part and the tail determining sperm motility. Sperm production has quality natural men in good condition.

Quail sperm using 2% eosin latsura for Amaimanas to determine sperm viability.

Where the dead sperm have a red color, this is mixed with the eosin tincture in the sperm, while the still living sperm have a light color because they are not stained by the 2% eosin.

In Figure 3, there are sperms undergoing apoptosis due to the osmotic view of the eosin used by large sperm.


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