Manajemen Usaha Ayam Broiler (survey)

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Judul : Manajemen Usaha Ayam Broiler (survey)
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Manajemen Usaha Ayam Broiler (survey)

Human protein requirements increase rapidly with increasing amounts. This increasing demand can meet the need to keep Talaka's protein production good in terms of quality, quantity and sanity.

One of the Hevani Protein Sambars is Broiler Chicken Dazing. Judging by the nutritional value, Broikien chicken meat is not that different from Tepaka line meat.

Dajing chicken is easy to obtain and the price is relatively cheap because the content of chicken is relatively short, 35 days. Compared to chicken meat consumption, Indonesian society still lags far down the national line.

In 2007, chicken consumption was 4.5 kg per capita per year in Indonesia, 38.5 kg per capita per year in Malaysia, 28 kg per capita in Singapore, and 14 kg per capita in Thailand and 8.5 kg per in the Philippines Head and year (0207). Chicken meat consumption in Indonesia is increasing every year as shown in Table 1.1 below:

Broiler production table in Indonesia
Consumption rate of chicken meat
779 108
861 263
941 786
1 018 734
1 016 876
1 214 340
Summer: Ditien Pieternan Kementan 2011

Fried Chicken Consumption Chart from Indonesia
Consumption rate of chicken meat
Summer: Ditien Pieternan Ministry of Agriculture 2012

Management management in broiler storage business is one of the most important factors to study broiler production. Reproductive and nutritional factors, Manejong T is often ignored by Paternak.

Manajemen Usaha Ayam Broiler (survey)
Broiler chicken farm

In Utskha Ushakha, many broiler breeders Yan Bellum sensitize Yan Max yield. Poor Yan management is one of Penebaya maximum productivity of broilers.

Delays or Mikone rations in day-old chick (DOC) breeders suggest the usual Tarun for broiler breeders. However, early withdrawal can have a positive effect on the growth of newly hatched broilers.

The period of time the doc hatches from the hatchery to the kangdang must also be omsutsana to know the exact time how long the doc will take after hatching. The longer the ransom is paid to DOC, the higher the maximum growth of broilers.

Fast starter management, tool and cage preparation



  1. feed temple
  2. lowest place
  3. tendon
  4. trick
  5. cellulite
  6. explore
  7. Counting
  8. cable list
  9. mobile
  10. turn

Hell Cage 3:

1 large size 8x32x4
2 candies 6x28x4

Fodder, tools and medicines can be found in the camp.

A. Penkusian Pemanka cage

All cooks watch and mensikura to avoid contagious diseases.

B. Penkutsian cage

Performance according to spokesman Sevagai of the Daphene Method:

  1. They used to clean the cage, then clean dikuchi with soap and water, and then stir for 2-3 weeks.
  2. If you want to go short, spray the bag with formalin
  3. Diksih Kapoor
  4. spray delay
  5. install faith
Manajemen Usaha Ayam Broiler (survey)
Tandon Young Not Saf (left) and Sawdah Saf (right)

Chicken and then done

Persian Before DOC came

  1. The shells are evenly sprinkled with 3-5 cm of gum (some are up to 10 cm) on the bottom.
  2. 2 days before the arrival of the DOC, feed speed, drink speed, chicken guard, lights and priest must be in stock.
  3. Zika uses a large mezing gallon/gallon bin that needs to be filled with clean gravel to keep the DOC out of the wind.
  4. The recommended height of the chicken fence is 40-50 cm. Chicken fences can be made of zinc, wooden planks, or bamboo (Bar Shaped or Anaman).
  5. The heater is placed in the middle of the cheek housing at a height of 125 cm. Must Mutsar heat direction and temperature.
  6. Pema is recommended by Quran to use only 1 layer-on-top ror (sleeve) and only kiska on Paratma days only. There is also a shuttle line that has 3 layers of newspaper and the tycoon takes 1 layer of newspaper until the 3rd day.
  7. Minimum light output of 20 lux, 10W SL/TL and 60W lamp per smooth body at 170cm.
  8. You must use a foot sling and a handheld sprayer (tangon spray) with a sanitizing disinfectant on the cage tutsunka and guests exiting the cage.
  9. After all the preparations are complete, Dinka sprays all parts of the cage with an edition disinfectant.
Manajemen Usaha Ayam Broiler (survey)
I am the priest, the feeder and the minam

place of packaging and drinking temperature

Per fruit for
feeder (tray)
5 kg hanging feeder
10 kg stilt feeder

5 kg hanging feeder
10 kg stilt feeder

Minimum car speed
Minimum temperature guide

Minimum car speed
Minimum temperature guide
0 - 3 days 4 - 7 days 8 - 10 days
11 - 15 hours
11 - 15 hours

16 - pot
16 - pot

0 - 10 hours
0 - 10 hours

11 - pot
11 - pot
80 euros 60 euros 40 euros
30-35 echoes
35 - 40 echoes

20-25 echoes
30-35 echoes

100 - 120 echoes
60 - 80 echoes

60 - 80 echoes
30-35 echoes

Janice warming up
Number DOC
Number DOC
(weather canoe)
700 - 800600 - 700600 - 700700 - 800
600 - 700500 - 600500 - 600600 - 700
4m 3.5m 3m 4m

Manajemen Usaha Ayam Broiler (survey)
Distribution of chicks in the incubator

D. Check in

Persian time to come
  1. Prepare Tools, Warmer, Medicines, Pacam and Calamus Drink
  2. An hour before the Sukdasat temperature arrived, the sat doc's friend arrived, the atmosphere got hot.
  3. Enter Kelaman Emasat, cupping by Sen.
  4. Dukusup Wand (tiray) for my wrath.
  5. Minimum direction, measurement of vitamins and minerals.
  6. A block court, regulated. Listen to Joomla 1000 echoes/sec
  7. Joomla Feed Temp around 35-40/1000 echo
  8. Can consume up to 326 Sak/6000 Eco Feed by age 34

First period

A. Feed and drinking water

Feeding snack until Dengon is made based on the age of 21 days. Feed the Epoch for Beginners with 21% protein content.

High-cut squirrel pronouncement for nailing optimal in-season chicken futsang. At the beginning age (1 week) Sekara fed slowly (piece by piece).

For 3 days Partma chicks must be omzela to be active tigers and minams. It can be helped by gently tapping the chick guard or as often as Mayk. Also, the cage needs to be light so they are more active when eating and drinking.

The remainder of the feed is collected and then sieved to be reused for chicks, but not mixed with new feed. The sieving function is to separate the dregs from the dirt.

Feed Tempo needs to be cleaned and dried before new feed tires. Under Beringh's order, do not multiply the feeder shed as the heat will eat the pustisi in the feeder.

The height of the lining is the setting of the Meditatus block from the top lip of the tube. Feed is the principle of providing complete food (feed is always bediyada ipiyab sat), but remember that chickens are best eaten dry pasaya with chicken instincts, namely in the morning (05.00 - 08.00) sere (07.00m.) -2 zadi at -The laconic clock should have more feed availability.

The hanging feeding place was introduced at the age of 8 days. A hanging is expected to have been performed by the age of 10 years, then by the age of 12 days all hangings must have been hung.

Feed Sebasta masa broi, diwana at least 2 times in a row with the feed setting set on the chicken wall. From the age of 2 days, the drinking point must be hung, and every day the height of the chicken is adjusted to chill. Zika uses an Olamatis minaret and achieves the following wind speeds:

  1. less than 10 days, 1/4" water under the paan lip (to make it easy to drink and easy for small chickens to drink)
  2. More than 10 days old, tumada calamus 1/4" from the bottom of the pan (so it's not easy to spill En Still Utsari Big Chicken)
  3. The plate to drink mitsinan morning and evening, the rest of the water in the pan. Need Halal Mutsutsari by drinking Zika with Tepel:
  4. The Height of Sukdas Tepel: Chicken lovers can drink up to 45 tepel tepal by raising their heads.
Drinking water must always be available in sufficient quantity, be clean, fresh, potable and can also be dechlorinated (3 ppm). Chlorinaceae ocmitus to prevent contamination and infection in Peniacut seedlings.

At normal temperatures, the minimum water intake of chickens is 1.6-1.8 times (can also be 2 times) the feed intake. This factor should serve as a guide so that any costs associated with feed quality, temperature and chick health can be immediately identified. Some nutritional supplements, vitamins, antibiotics and vaccines can also be made using drinking water.

Choose by:

The feed supply is fixed at 3-4 cubic meters. Only one type of feed, namely snack feed (BR I). Diposok ole destruction of PT. Malindo, then by PT. pop hand. Weight 50kg. Giving can be eaten freely, ad libitum. The zika food is ready, give it back, the zika is still there until it's gone.

Manajemen Usaha Ayam Broiler (survey)
cage condition

B. Partition

from the age of 3 days, the partition widening progresses slowly until the condition of the chickens is reached. The addition and arrangement of feed/space occurs at least after dilatation. The priesthood position is arranged in a Samanti rup so that the heat is evenly distributed.

As Akuan, the Guardian of Extensions, he achieves the following:

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