Teknik Operasi Entropion Dan Ectropion pada Hewan (Bedah Mata)

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Judul : Teknik Operasi Entropion Dan Ectropion pada Hewan (Bedah Mata)
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Teknik Operasi Entropion Dan Ectropion pada Hewan (Bedah Mata)

Eyelids have a painting role in eye health and anomalous conditions on the eyelids generally require surgery. The eyelids are folds of skin, muscle and conjunctiva that try to close in front of the cornea.

There are many variations in size and shape of the eye between dog breeds, but in cats, the generality is almost the same. The eyelids consist of hairy skin, muscles, do not tie, and glands.

The tarsal plate is composed of functional collagen. Tarsal plate in Bhagyan also contains tarsal glands.

The ducts of the sebaceous glands open at the tip of the eyelid. There are about 20 to 40 glands on each petal, and it looks like a fine line when the petals are folded.

The eyelid muscles consist of the levator palpebre betel and muller muscles, which function to open the eyes by lifting the eyelids upwards.

The orbicularis oculi muscle surrounds. The levator superioris muscle is innervated by the oculomotor nerve, while the Muller muscle is innervated by the sympathetic.

The eye calyx muscles run along the lines of the superior fetralis, inferior malleris, and levator anguli oculi medialis muscles, which are innervated by the facial nerve.

The orbicularis oculi muscle is connected to the medial and lateral orbital nerves, normally in the mind it is elliptical and horizontal when the muscle contracts. The Inertia Sensor of the Eyelid is the Branch of the Trigeminal Nerve. The eyelids have many blood vessels, which play a role in wound healing and surgery.

Normally, the eyelids are always in contact with the cornea, and the Surface Sweeping edges can move onto the cornea. Abnormalities when the eye reaches the vehlubu burk will require surgery.

Closure of the eyelids to protect the eyes and blinking is a painting for eye health by draping the eyelids of pricarnia.

Inadequate closure of the eyelids (Lagophthalmo), inversion of the eyelids inward (entropion), and eyelid discharge (ectropion) are all anomalous eyelids that result in damage.

In this paper we will debate the dates of entropion and ectropion, what surgical technique is used for unusual therapy.

Teknik Operasi Entropion Dan Ectropion pada Hewan (Bedah Mata)
Normal anatomy tonight

Teknik Operasi Entropion Dan Ectropion pada Hewan (Bedah Mata)
Position of the Eyelid Edge: (1). Severe entropion, (2). On the entropion ring, (3). Standard (4). ectropion


Entropion is a condition in which the rim or edges when the eye is bent or kelamon teklir.

Congenital entropion in general tarida in sheep and foals or can also be tarida due to ransom as a result of process traumatism.

Pale eyes often experience entropion of the lower eyelid. The rim of the eye will fold inwards so that the eyelashes will curl inward, causing irritation such as conjunctivitis, epiphora, keratitis, leathers and ulcers on the cornea.
Teknik Operasi Entropion Dan Ectropion pada Hewan (Bedah Mata)
Cases of entropion in some animals


Entropion is usually caused by conjunctival trauma, orbicularis palpebrae due to pain in the eye, due to congenital short orbicularis.

Teknik Operasi Entropion Dan Ectropion pada Hewan (Bedah Mata)
Ectropion (Category: Lifelearn.inc.)

Fat deposits behind the ball of the eye lower so that the eye rolls backwards rather than causing the entropion of the eyelids to hang down by the entropion as well. Entropion Can Be Declassified Into Impat, That Is;

  1. Built-in introphone. Usually not in animals that have a short muscularis orbicularis eg; Chow Chow, Boxer, Great Dane, Persian Cussing, Himalayan or Pada Head Brachycephalic Example Pekinese.
  2. Acute spastic entropion. This type of entropion is due to irritation of the eye caused by infection, inflammation, or trauma.
  3. Participatory entropy. Progenitor entropion that often occurs in older animals and only detects in lower eye Kelyka due to a combination of atrophy and tarsus weakness, loss of skin tone and loss of skin elasticity.
  4. Cicatricial entropion. Entropion cicatrico system carena luca on the conjunctiva of the eyelids.

The severity of the entropion of the limbs between the orbicularis oculi muscle and the malarias muscle, the conformation of the skull bones, the orbital anatomy, and the amount of folds in the facial skin around the eyes can be influenced by the mother.

Symptoms Clinic

Superficial keratitis, blepharasmus (eyelid spasms), epiphora and corneal ulcers with clinical symptoms that appear in entropian states are.

Clinical signs of entropion


In mild entropion, the cornea can be protected with a topical lubricant or moisturizer. Usually Operaci in Funde Until Passione is 1-2 Years Old.

Severe entropion should be deoperative (adjusted) because it can cause corneal lacy, even if the rate is in young animals. overcome Tadihaniya overcorrection, even more so.

Prior to undergoing surgery, the reviewers experienced a grade of severe and Le Barnia entropion before and after administration of topical anesthetic.

In natural lesions, the eyelashes will be coated with a yellow-white muciid cuscus. This can improve the severity of entropion.

How many methods exist and variations in the entropion operation, the Jimyun Berasan Dari Hotz method. Intermediate Entropion Confectionery:

1. Uttartara Suture Eyelid Lift (Bald)

General anesthesia is required. Some sutures are performed with non-absorbable monofilament separation 3-0 or 4-0 polybutester or nylon.

The langgudu satik pattern is a sekar madrasa for long trips.
  1. First Needle Puncture About 2mm From The Edge Of The Eyelid, Stitch Length About 3-4mm. The second stitch is about 1 cm apart from the first stitch.
  2. When the stitches are dikht, then the petals will be folded.
  3. Stitches Allowed Salama Less for Bih 4 Mengu.

In the Mudan Barapa, sometimes stands from Experiencing Rehabilitation. Zika entropion still occurs, so surgery is required, especially if the animal is still very young, in this case "cannot" be repeated.

Teknik Operasi Entropion Dan Ectropion pada Hewan (Bedah Mata)
Cementra "Vera" Stitches on the Eyelids.

2. The Combination Method Of Hotz (Dear Orthodoxy)

Persian Opera:

A good yaz is performed on animals, placed in the ventral decubitus or birdery position.

Anesthesia that can be administered is general anesthesia or local anesthesia using solucio procaine hcl 2% in combination with premedication sedation.

Cool on the tepee cleaned of palpebrae. The tools used are tweezers, scalpels, scissors, evil needles with a cross section of threads of sewing thread that are not drinking.

There is an operation in discretion.

foot fishing

  1. After increased surgical preparation and anesthesia, there is a rash on the skin as the obricularis palpebrae muscle with an elliptical (fusiform) shape.
  2. Then the obricular muscle must be removed. The edges of the wound are joined together with a moderately twisted satin pattern (not for drinking) so that there is an outward pull on the circumferential edge.
  3. Announced by Take After 7-10 Days Post Surgery.

On Swearing

  1. Case of Entropion Cussing, Young Young Young Young Young Young Young Premedication Azepromazine 0.0125 mg/kg, methadone 0.2 mg. Anesthesia can be administered together with propofol 6 mg/kg and oxygen and isoflurane.
  2. Dinkan operation by means of making an initial diantan sarong 2mm parallel to the lid margin, spreading the entropian blood salongal then peeled to 2-3mm in both cc.
  3. A second skin moment bends ventral sin with the first, usually 2-3 mm apart, at the tip of the mana entropion.
  4. Intervention Your intervention will be more than the orbicularis oculi.
  5. The wound was closed with 5/0 (1 m) polygalatina 910 in a simple pattern, first placing a central suture, then securing the remainder of the incision by dividing the suture in half.

The advantages of the cold procedure are that it is easy to perform, but the disadvantages are that the skin is cut too wide to make the operation less sterile, and can stretch the eyelids too much. Riku Adala by How Many Modifications Of Cold Method:

Easter Operation

After the operation was completed, the eye was treated with antibiotic ointment (eg tetracycline 1%, chloramphenicol 1%, nebacatin 1% and line-line) and local anesthetic cocaine 2% for a few days. Zahitan is opened 7-10 days after surgery. Eve Zuga Must Be Given Elizabeth Kola To Stop Eve Scratching Luca For Surgery On Matania

A. The First Modification Is: By Using Haemostatic Help

  1. Skin That Will Cut Djpit Using Force Halstead and Crail.
  2. By force pojikan by melbo-pair gpitan until he gets the appropriate size to cut.
  3. After getting into the proper position, squeeze the forp tightly for 30 seconds, then.
  4. The Turformed Stitch Pattern Then Cut With Scissors.
  5. It's very important for all cities, don't be fooled by pinching the hips to prevent plots or post-operative scars.

Teknik Operasi Entropion Dan Ectropion pada Hewan (Bedah Mata)
Celsus Operaci Technique For Entropion. A pre-view of entropy. B Excess Skin Folded And Djpit With Haemostatic Help. Si athurlah put a pair of chelap as desired to form a pattern. D. Forceps are released after 30 minutes. E cutla: the pattern that has been studied begins with pash chantas. F. The missing field is Tartopong. G Insaici Sewn With Easy Terminated Stitch Pattern Clear 5-0 Non-sorbable Monofilament, Spacing About 3mm. The stitches should not be too close, as Karina can cause postoperative swelling which can damage the tissue.

b. In the second modification, namely Method Inc.

  1. First, use a spatula under the eyelids to parallelize the position while the incision is being made. Inc. First, it is about 2 mm from the edge of the kelp.
  2. Entropion strength affects in the form of ulcers on the skin.
  3. General Inc. Shaped Like a Crescent Moon. Although it is recommended to cut the orbicularis oculi muscle, which often causes entropion, it can cause trauma.
  4. Then Desewn Leather Use 5-0 To 6-0 Nylon With Pattern. Eye-Click Suture 2-3 mm Straight from the Tepee Kelik-Eye Dengon Knot Manjau From Cornea.
With this technique, make small cuts due to overcorrection and injuries, usually more quickly.

Postoperative therapy can be combined with topical antibiotics and eye drops, colas to avoid self-harm, and analgesics.

The failure in this technique is probably caused by Tereza's nc is far from the rim of the eye and the distance between Tereza's cysts is far.

Teknik Operasi Entropion Dan Ectropion pada Hewan (Bedah Mata)
Hotz-Celso entropion difference. A Danukan Jaeger to look for the eye socket before ensi is in the eye. Inc. Approximately 2-3mm Sagalung Bottom Colic Edge and Slice Carefully. BD Gukam Non-absorbable Monofilament Beng. The first stitch is made as shown in the picture to divide the NC wound into three parts. NextSewing Till Closing Luca Inc.

c. The third modification of umnia dinka in brachycephalic squid, when the liptone around the nose irritates the cornea.

Teknik Operasi Entropion Dan Ectropion pada Hewan (Bedah Mata)
The Hadung Virgin Lipton Cutter. A. Side View of the Nose Blood Skinfold. B. Cutting of Leather Liptan Partisans Using Curved Scissors. C. The uncut folds were then sutured using 5-0 absorbable monofilament. In Total From Nose to DF Kuthi.

3. Driving method

Persian Surgery

Animals are well restrained with ventral decubitus pose or standing.


There is an operation in discretion.

  1. Right after surgery and anesthetic preparations, then make a wedge of the entropion edge so that it falls in the middle of the orbicularis muscle.
  2. Separate the two edges with the lower zhangan, then dikari, and fight the two orbicularis muscles on a plot in the middle so that they are even.
  3. Then it is united with the orbicularis muscle by superimposing one end ± 5 mm in a Mattress pattern (Catgut 000/000).
  4. Shift a little and sew with the Zhangan with the lower ventral with in the Mattress Pattern.
  5. Sewing With Easy Cut Pattern from Mudian Leather.
  6. After surgery, antibiotics can be applied to the eye and the swelling can be reduced 7-10 days postoperatively.

Teknik Operasi Entropion Dan Ectropion pada Hewan (Bedah Mata)
Entropy Operation

Easter Operation

As a safety after surgery Silsay, Antibiotic Ointment for the eye can be given (eg Tetracycline 1%, Chloramphenicol 1%, Nebcetin 1%) and Benng is taken after 7-10 days after surgery. Animals should also be deberican elizabeth kola so as not to scratch the surgical wound on matania.

Teknik Operasi Entropion Dan Ectropion pada Hewan (Bedah Mata)
Post Opera Entropion On Cusing

Teknik Operasi Entropion Dan Ectropion pada Hewan (Bedah Mata)
Three Weeks Post-Opera Entropion On Cusing


Ectropion is an unusual condition in which the rim of the eye is twisted or bent outward.
Teknik Operasi Entropion Dan Ectropion pada Hewan (Bedah Mata)
Cassus ectropion on liking something


In general, tarida sekara congenitin tapa can also be precise because of tarida sicatric after scarring from wounds (in horses, sheep and cattle) or it can be as a result of entropion surgery.


Teknik Operasi Entropion Dan Ectropion pada Hewan (Bedah Mata)

বা Ectropion is common in the lower Kelyka Mata.

সেন্ট , , , ,

উপসর্গ ক্লিনিক


পেনগানান একট্রোপিয়ন মেমপারপেন্ডেক টেপি কেলিকা দিয়ে করা যেতে যেতে পারে

Teknik Operasi Entropion Dan Ectropion pada Hewan (Bedah Mata)

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