Teknik Operasi Granuloma pada Hewan (Bedah Integumen)

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Judul : Teknik Operasi Granuloma pada Hewan (Bedah Integumen)
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Teknik Operasi Granuloma pada Hewan (Bedah Integumen)


licking granulomas or Acral licking dermatitis or neurodermatitis. Many writers see this as a constitutional disease.

However, there are psychological factors, in addition to stress, boredom and stress, hypothyroidism, local trauma, the presence or fracture of new bones and joints, neuralgia, the presence of foreign bodies, tumors, fungal and bacterial infections, the reservoir of bacterial infection, i.e.

Oleg Karen Ishte, pharmacotherapy with antiseptics, antibiotics, antifungals, antihistamines, anti-politics and cortisone injections has been carried out with inconsistent results. The experimental results are satisfactory.

Frequent licking causes hair loss and results in lesions of varying size from a few glances all over the body's surface.

ALD (palpated palmar dermatitis) most often occurs in large active breeds, but it is also possible for them to be affected. Dobermans, German Shepherds, Great Danes, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and Aldest can be bred as the second offspring.

Most people would agree that ALD is a behavioral disorder with many possibilities. It is self-licking and is a stress reliever for dogs who are bored, socially isolated, confined for long periods of time, or whose owners have been physically punished.

Selfishness can also occur due to the fact that the owner is very focused or the brain unintentionally causes neurotic behavior in his pets. Bringing new animals or people into the home can also cause a pest.

It is very important if you see your dog constantly licking that other penetrating wires are excluded such as bacterial or fungal infections, tumors, trauma, foreign bodies and allergies that can clean the child's tongue.

To rule out other causes, Dr. Animals should receive bacterial cultures, radiographs, histology, and Lania labs.

Some claim that allergic contact dermatitis causes pressure on the skin causing inflammation and itching that causes the dog to lick any itchy areas.

Many dermatologists believe that boredom is a major factor in some cases of granulomatous lipomas. This self love activity helps pass the boring time.

Lip granulomas are especially seen in dogs who are active and self-employed by their owners for extended periods of time.

One theory is that excessive self-licking (cuts) stimulates endorphins, which reduce pain and temporarily make the dog feel euphoric (comfort), and constant chain licking is averse.

Operating technology

The surgical technique of the case of lip granuloma at this time consists of incomplete lick granulomatosis and multifactorial granulomatosis.

1. Granulomas with incomplete drainage

Treatment options include the use of carbon dioxide laser energy.
  • Method: Ablation/vaporization of supradermal granulation tissue is normal.
  • Anesthesia: Hydromorphone is an introductory and analgesic drug. Prevent Sincin locally using 2% mepivacaine infusion.
  • Equipment: 20W CO2 laser, Novapulse™ handpiece and Yujong 1.4mm metal.
laser mode
  • Point diameter: 1.4 mm
  • Power output: 15A and 20W
  • Beam output: 20Hz 50ms SP


The monastery must be a delassara that must be cleaned of litter and other mummies. A carbon dioxide laser is applied to remove the tip of the granulation tissue in the areas affected by the rupture. The granulation tissue below or below the normal epidermal and dermis junctions should be removed.

Processing should appear red, removed in charcoal (book affected tissue) after dilkukan book. After the surface is finished, any remaining charcoal should be removed from the surface.

Teknik Operasi Granuloma pada Hewan (Bedah Integumen)
Bichon Frise 7 years old, chronic granulomatosis in the front of the right leg, licking

Teknik Operasi Granuloma pada Hewan (Bedah Integumen)
Any remaining ulcers should be rapid from an early age

Teknik Operasi Granuloma pada Hewan (Bedah Integumen)
The healing period during which the area around the lesion has grown natural hair

2. Multifactorial granulomatosis.

  • Method: Enhanced granulation or purlipion in tissues using a carbon dioxide laser. Then proceed with ablation/evaporation of the rest of the granulation tissue covering the normal dermis.
  • Anesthesia: Initial anesthesia with medetomidine, butorphanol and glycopyrrolate. Inhalation inhalation with isoflurane oxygen. Maintain general anesthesia through an endotracheal tube.
  • Equipment: 20 W CO2 laser, Novapulse ™ handpiece and seamless ceramic ablation with a 0.4 mm tip. 3mm x 3mm mechanical scanner, with grain.
laser mode:
  • Point diameter: 0.4 mm
  • Power Output: 10A 15W
  • Beam output: SP
B. ablation
  • Spot diameter: 3mm scan pattern using 0.8mm daisy wheel
  • Output power: 10W
  • Beam output: SP
Operating technology
The area of ​​the crushed granuloma was evaluated and sterile. Most of the upper part is cut from the particleboard.

Contraindications Not in the area of ​​full-thickness excision of the fascia, ligaments, tendons, structures or muscles. Most of the granulation tissue is removed and redness and carbonation are also removed.

A scanner is then placed to excise/evaporate any granulation tissue that is found to be just below or below the normal level of the detached dermis. For younger cases, some cosmetic solutions are needed.

Teknik Operasi Granuloma pada Hewan (Bedah Integumen)
A 3-year-old English Mastiff was castrated eating a granuloma on the third digit of his front paw

Psychiatric treatment

Granulomas can be treated with activities and environmental modifications, clothing, color placement, local meningitis medications, glucocorticoids, and linear medications: Flucomlon, Acetoride, Fluorexime Lubrication, Protex, Diliomyx.

Treatment results are inconsistent and recurrences are common. Surgery is not usually done, but eccc lick granulomas can be with surgery followed by Construction Direct which is surgery, closure or graph, then joined until the suture is opened.

However, replications often occur at the same site or where the Zika lineage factor has not been removed.

Young's most common antidepressants, including doxepin, amitriptyline, fluoxetine, and clomipramine. Psychological factors for Zika are not corrected, and drug use is usually stopped restored.

Endorphin blockers such as naltrexone can be used to reduce drug addiction, or endorphins instead of hydrocodone can reduce cravings.

Anzing Duzi for allergies should be treated, and treated according to Zika (fatty acids, antihistamines, hypoallergenic diet, etc.) is positive.

It may also be necessary to check thyroid levels, such as hypothyroidism, which is common in some cases, especially in black Labradors; Thyroid medications often cause problems if they are caused by hypothyroidism

lacy care

Licks can be prevented by: using Elizabeth's collar, improved battery wrap, Barban, anti-licking ointment, and sealing tape. This is important to reduce inflammation.

Additional topical corticosteroids or DMSO are effective with Pervate. Small lesions can be injected with triamcinolone or methylprednisolone. Oral antibiotics are used to treat infections.


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