Teknik Operasi Kastrasi pada Hewan (Bedah Genitalia)

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Judul : Teknik Operasi Kastrasi pada Hewan (Bedah Genitalia)
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Teknik Operasi Kastrasi pada Hewan (Bedah Genitalia)

The testicles are the main organ of the male reproductive system, producing sperm and sex hormones, especially testosterone. In adulthood, the testicles descend from the abdominal junction through the inguinal canal to the scrotum.

An example of surgery that we see before the testicles is castration. Castration or orchiectomy is a surgical cyst placed on the testicle to control or remove the testicle from the body.

This is usually done to ensure sterilization (population control), reduce the number of animals, reduce their aggressiveness, and for testicular or bone pathology, therapy is selected on a case-by-case basis.

Common cases include: testicular swelling, testicular swelling, orchitis (inflammation of the testicles), testicular tumor (Sertoli cell tumor), monorchids, cryptorchidism, testicular dermatitis (testicular eczema).

In young animals, castration is done for aggressiveness, which involves bending and rocking the animal, while in uncastrated animals, which are the elite of the testicles, this is not done.


Castration or orchiectomy to remove (remove) the testicles is a controversial gift.

Castration can be beneficial to animal populations because it can attract male animals (for sterilization purposes), need to turn around badly and reproduce.

This castration is performed on unconscious male animals (under general anesthesia).
Castration methods are divided into two ways.
  1. public method. An incision is a normal vaginal membrane excision, in which the testicle is no longer covered by the epididymis.
  2. the procedure is closed. The incision just reaches the fleshy membrane, so that the testicle is still covered by the common vaginal membrane. The height and cross-section of the spermatic cord


The advantage of castration is that it gets rid of the unwanted, the unwanted. In addition to uncontrolled population, this gift can also maximize the animal's mischievous hebramada.

Indications for castration are different. or induce breeding and promiscuity or induce aggressive behavior in males.

A cat on fire is an airborne pheromone corpse. These pheromones can reach quite distant areas.

A male cat can use this pheromone to determine where a female cat is in heat, and then locate the female cat even at a great distance and approach her.

Cats neutered with Candanta do not respond to pheromones and prefer to stay indoors.

The other kuching is called the act of castration, that is, the cat's fury due to a fight with another cat. The smaller the nest, the smaller the larvae can penetrate the wound/bark.

The most important feature is that androgen hormones are isolated from the prostate gland, tumors and perineal hernias.

Other indications for castration are abnormalities of the umbilical cord, epididymis, testicular tumors, lesions and abscess exploration, and endocrine scabies may occur.

Some cats are neutered because they carry a genetic defect. It is hoped that disabled cats will not be able to reproduce so that the number of disabled cats will be blessed.

Many clinical disorders of the male genital organs can be overcome by castration. These include testicular tumor, testicular swelling, monorchid, cryptorchidism, orgitis, epididymitis, prostatitis, phimosis, paraphimosis, genital sarcoma, etc.

Treatments that can reduce the size of the prostate and reduce the symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease include castration.

Treats permanent prostate rotation and previous clinical balance within 2-3 weeks. Sterilized animals require combination therapy with androgens and estrogens.

Castration method

Anatomically, the tissues that cover the scrotum.Anatomically, the tissues that cover the scrotum from the surface to depth are the skin and subcutaneous tissue (scrotum), the fleshy membrane, and the common vaginal membrane. Based on removal at these levels, two methods of castration are distinguished, namely:

1. Castration without testicle removal

This procedure can be performed by disrupting blood circulation, which causes the mass of the testicles to increase, leading to testicular atrophy. As a result, testicular branching can act as a means of reproduction. Castration can be performed without removing the testicles.
  1. injury to the vessels leading to the testicles (hit by a hard object),
  2. Insert a bright needle into the spinal vein,
  3. sperm coiling,
  4. This method is often used by ligation of the testicle neck or percutaneously (emsculate),
  5. A rubber catheter can be ligated, which releases the scrotum and scrotum after 7-10 days (Illustrator).
Teknik Operasi Kastrasi pada Hewan (Bedah Genitalia)
The testicles are tied with a special rubber band

Usually this procedure is performed on cattle. The most commonly performed method involves the use of an eraser (Illustrator) and Bardizo forceps (Emasculatome). However, this procedure comes with pain, risk, and inflammation.

2. Castration by removing the testicles

Closed castration

In closed castration, the incision only reaches the fleshy membrane, so the testicles are still covered by the common vaginal membrane. The spermatic cord is tied and incisions are made.

This procedure is usually done on small dogs or young dogs, then on cats. The advantage of this procedure is that it can increase the accuracy of Terinada scrotal hernia detection due to the fact that the vaginal membrane is not opened.

open castration

Open castration is usually performed on large breed dogs and adults. In this procedure, all the testicles and the scrotum are dissected, and the testicles and sperm are separated without the covering (the scrotum).

The main disadvantage of this approach is that there is no Jongi Buick fracture when opening the vaginal membrane, so it can be diagnosed as a scrotal hernia, which usually contains the bowel.

The advantage of these procedures is that the blood supply is more secure so that damage is minimized.

Surgical methods of castration of small animals

Preparing for surgery

Before surgery, do surgery first. Preparation, preparation of equipment, materials, preparations, preparation of surgery, training of operators is carried out.

A Prepare tools, materials, then medicine

Stamping tools were sterilized in an autoclave for 15 minutes, cutting heads and needles were sterilized with 70% alcohol.

The purpose of instrument sterilization is to prevent contamination of instruments during open surgery that can interfere with wound operations. Surgical instruments are placed in sterile bags, which are placed neatly and orderly on a sterile tray near the operating table.

Small animals were preenucleated with 0.025% atropine sulfate at a dose of 0.04 mg/kg body weight subcutaneously.

Anesthesia can be performed local (field block), regional and general anesthesia. Typically, anesthesia is administered intramuscularly with 2% xylazine at 2 mg/kg body weight and 10% ketamine hydrochloride at a dose of 15 mg/kg body weight. In addition, antibiotics are prescribed to prevent reinfection.

b. Persian operating room

Disinfectants are used in Nadsana's operating room. The operating table is sterilized with 70% alcohol.

Operating room lighting is very important to support surgery, so before preparing for surgery, due to the wattage of the operating room lamp, there should be sufficient power so that the operating area/site is clearly organized.

in Persian operator

Operators and assistant operators must always be sterile before and during rescue operations.

Before the Tamaka operation, operators and operators wash their hands from hands to elbows with soap and water, then wet their hands and wash with clean running water.

During surgery, operators and assistants must wear clean masks, surgical caps and gloves, and special surgical clothing to prevent mustard contamination.

If the operator and assistant operator are already sterile, they cannot authorize or prohibit the use of non-sterile items.

c Persian animal

Condika Before surgery, first assess the condition of the animal's body as a whole. This is done to find out if the fulmanus animal is active or not. If the animal is fulminant, surgery may be performed.

In animals, in some cases, such as testicular neoplasms, treatment should be initiated against the background of metastases and myelotoxicity, especially in the presence of anemia and feminization.

Myelotoxicity usually resolves within 2-3 minutes after tumor removal, but can be fatal if the patient does not receive appropriate therapy.

Before surgery, animals must be fasted for 12 hours for food and 6 hours for water to ensure that the bowels are empty and healthy and that vomiting does not occur.

If the animal was bathed the day before the operation, dry it with a dry towel or vacuum cleaner.

The dog's weight should also be weighed before surgery to determine the dose of anesthetic.

Then, when the hair is shaved, the area to be shaved, such as the testicles around the testicles and some parts of the tail, is soaked in a solution of shaving soap.

Hair is shaved in the direction of hair growth with a sharp razor, then iodine or povidone-iodine tincture is applied circularly from the center to the periphery.


A. Closed castration

  • Local anesthesia (infiltration) is applied to the incision site. Epidural and general anesthesia can be used in adult animals. The animals were placed in a supine position. Drapery is done with a single drape. Make an incision about 3 cm wide enough to expose the testes (depending on the size of the animal) through the skin at the medial testicular suture (midline) just behind the penile bulb.

Teknik Operasi Kastrasi pada Hewan (Bedah Genitalia)
Scrotal incision

  • The scrotal finger is removed from the incision, and the incision is carefully deepened into the fascial fascia so that the bone passes through the incision site with a blunt-edged scalpel blade.
Teknik Operasi Kastrasi pada Hewan (Bedah Genitalia)
Remove the testicles

  • The scrotum is retracted laterally with the left hand, cutting the ligament and fascia of the bone and piercing the fascia with the tip of the scalpel.

Teknik Operasi Kastrasi pada Hewan (Bedah Genitalia)
Dissection of the scrotum and facial ligaments

  • The remnants of the ligaments and fascia are pushed into the incision with a scalpel, leaving the remnants of the spermatic cord in the vaginal membrane.

Teknik Operasi Kastrasi pada Hewan (Bedah Genitalia)
Presses on the ligaments and fascia, exposing the sperm

  • Place the clamping artery over the inferior vas deferens and then use the scalpel to go slightly past the edge of the clamping artery.

Teknik Operasi Kastrasi pada Hewan (Bedah Genitalia)
spermatic cord cutter

  • Apply fixation to the proximal artery clamp (below). Pizenga ties the doka with threads in the middle part of the kudum. Attach one side of the pertong, then attach to the gun hose and attach to the opposite side with 2-0 chrome paint.

Teknik Operasi Kastrasi pada Hewan (Bedah Genitalia)
Binding of sperm

  • A part of the incision is made for echo and hole, after which the contractile artery is removed and a gap shunt is placed in the hole.

Teknik Operasi Kastrasi pada Hewan (Bedah Genitalia)
Weak pulse clamp

  • Another method is to push the bone into the same skin and bone incision as above.

Teknik Operasi Kastrasi pada Hewan (Bedah Genitalia)
Do the same procedure as before on the other testicle.

  • Close the skin incision with a surgical pad using non-absorbable sutures. The surgical wound is sterilized with a 3% iodine solution. Penicillin is injected into the surgical wound and antibiotic ointment is applied. Intramuscular administration of group B vitamins. The skin sutures were opened after 7 days.

Teknik Operasi Kastrasi pada Hewan (Bedah Genitalia)

b. open castration

  • Animals are kept in a bent position. . Aseptically on the caudal abdomen and the middle jaw, aseptically on the middle jaw, a surgical incision is applied. In the dorsal recumbent position of the animals, do ral dodwrapping with a drape, and then the operation will be performed on the incision and the papilloma will be opened.
Teknik Operasi Kastrasi pada Hewan (Bedah Genitalia)
the dog is positioned dorsally

  • With your fingers, gently and repeatedly massage the papillae of the eyeballs and then take it repeatedly…….
  • After each of the cells is formed, the pharynx and the tunica system are located in the tunica tunica system, in the middle of the middle, just above the corpuscle.

Teknik Operasi Kastrasi pada Hewan (Bedah Genitalia)
incision in the skin of the scrotum

  • The hole pops until the cell that pops back, pops out of the holes, and more holes come out....

Teknik Operasi Kastrasi pada Hewan (Bedah Genitalia)
Remove testicle
  • A thin layer of mesorchyum mesorchyum பிபி஡ியியுமியுக்கியுக்கியுக்கு

Teknik Operasi Kastrasi pada Hewan (Bedah Genitalia)
TweezTweezer Cut the Spontaneous Debt and Replenish the Forest Equally
  • A small cell is still present in the conjunctival sac of the tunica integumentary gland, which is located behind the epididymis. sometimes a small ligated taxon of the ligament is required.
Teknik Operasi Kastrasi pada Hewan (Bedah Genitalia)
tongue ligament

  • the other testicle is the same skin, whatever you want, 3-0 कक्यजटगुटगुट चुचसुच्चर अबिचआभिच्चर

ஆனானாக்கு கர்க்குக்குக்குக்கு a a a a a a a a a a a a a one a one a one a one
It is now very important to fill in the gaps and cross-section of the cells. In order to post a message, you must click on the link above in order to post a message.

post operation

Complications of coccstruction include tenderness, folliculitis, ulceration, acellular hematoma, dehiscence, dehiscence, etc., the most common of which are prolapse, gemmutation, an open coccstration, and Elizabeth's color comcompression treatment, which is becoming increasingly common.

রকরকতকষণগুলি পপরবকের রকনিচেরভরবকের হয়ভরভর হয়হয়এমন বওষুধস বওষুধস রকওষুধনে রকপনে বওষুধচলে সেগুলিরসেগুলিরনে বদিয়েচলে সেগুলিরপয সেগুলিরপয বওষুধচলে সেগুলিরসেগুলিরনে বদিয়েচলে সেগুলিরপয ববস ববস সেগুলিরসেগুলিরনে ববসরে নিরপয ববসরে নিরপয বওষুধস রকপরেরে সেগুলিরপস সেগুলিরপস বপয করপরে করপরে বপসরেরে ...

Severe reduced hemorrhagic haemorrhage, treatment with a reduction in the domain of the infection domain.

When all the tests are performed in a patient-to-patient-patient manner, the patient's condition is completely eliminated. The testicular vessels populate the kidney, so a celiotomy incision is made in the kidney.

In the case of testicular neoplastic neoplasms, including myelotoxicity, the standard procedure for repeat surgery is mandatory. পপরোসরোসটেট রোগে অসঅসরতরোপচন দুই সপসপততহ পরপরযনযনত ডিজিটডিজিটল রেকটরেকটল করকরযেতে:

পোসসধধরণ চিকিতপোসটোপটোপরেটিভ চিকিতচিকিতসস হল পশুদের এবং শুকনো খখঁচঁচয় চচলিত করকর. ককষতটিষতটি বেটবেটডডইন দিয়ে মেশমেশনো এবং এর ঘনতঘনতব নিয়ননিয়নততরণ করকর হয়, একটএকটনন 4-6 দিন ..

এক সপ্তাহের জন্য, প্রাণীকে অ্যান্টিবায়োটিক দেওয়া হয়, তারপরে এমন খাবার দেওয়া হয় যার কোন পুষ্টিগুণ নেই। যখন অস্ত্রোপচারের দাগ শুকিয়ে যায় এবং সম্পূর্ণ নিরাময় হয় তখন ক্ষতবিশিষ্টগুলি খোলা যেতে পারে।

বড় প্রাণীদের উপর কাস্ট্রেশন সার্জারি কৌশল

শূকরগুলিতে কাস্ট্রেশন খুলুন

অল্প বয়স্ক শূকরগুলিকে সাধারণত একটি ওপেন ক্যাস্ট্রেশন কৌশল ব্যবহার করে কাস্টেট করা হয়, যেখানে জিয়ংগি ভ্যাজাইনালিস উন্মুক্ত হয় এবং কাসাভা উন্মুক্ত হয়।

সাধারণত, 3-6 সপ্তাহ বয়সে বাচ্চাদের ক্যাস্ট্রেট করা হয়। অণ্ডকোষ এবং দ্বিতীয় অণ্ডকোষের ত্বকে স্থানীয় ব্যথানাশক ওষুধ দিয়ে কাস্ট্রেশন করা হয়।

অপারেশন টেকনিক

  • শিশুকে পায়ের তলায়, তারপর মাথার নিচের অংশে, পিঠ/পিঠ সহ সার্জনের কাছে নিয়ে যাওয়া হয়। আপনার বুড়ো আঙুল এবং তর্জনী দিয়ে অণ্ডকোষটি অন্ডকোষে টাইপ করুন।

Teknik Operasi Kastrasi pada Hewan (Bedah Genitalia)
বুড়ো আঙুল ও তর্জনী দিয়ে অন্ডকোষের বিরুদ্ধে অন্ডকোষ টিপুন

  • প্রথমে অণ্ডকোষের চামড়া, তারপর টিউনিকা ডার্টস এবং টিউনিকা ভ্যাজাইনালিস কেটে অণ্ডকোষে ছেদ নিন।

Teknik Operasi Kastrasi pada Hewan (Bedah Genitalia)
অণ্ডকোষের ত্বকে টুনিকা ভ্যাজাইনালিস পর্যন্ত মেন্ডি ছেদ

  • অণ্ডকোষগুলি আঙ্গুলের সাহায্যে সরানো হয় এবং স্ক্রোটাল লিগামেন্টগুলি একটি স্ক্যাল্পেল দিয়ে ট্রান্সেকশন করা হয়; ছেদটি মেসোরচিয়ামের জায়গায় শুরু হয়।

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