Teknik Operasi Nephrotomy & Nephrectomy pada Hewan (Bedah Urinaria)

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Judul : Teknik Operasi Nephrotomy & Nephrectomy pada Hewan (Bedah Urinaria)
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Teknik Operasi Nephrotomy & Nephrectomy pada Hewan (Bedah Urinaria)

Nephrectomy for nephrectomy for kidney surgery. Where has not been langjat langjat kidney function langjat. Dioctophyma renalis was diagnosed at nephrectomy.

Nephrectomy can be performed with a cutting technique, namely through the tipi, ventral or dorsal side tipi, but the incision against the major curvature is more often used in relatively large stone masks.

Need for renal function screening before nephrectomy. If you have had kidney function or uremia, it is necessary to check it to control the production of certain urine and electrolyte losses.

If a kidney infection is detected, it should be treated with antibiotics before surgery.

Unilateral nephrectomy for dysfunctional kidney. Kidney damage can occur due to a tumor, severe trauma, severe infection, or chronic stones.

Neprikton can be billa rein the other still running on a bike. If both kidneys are non-kidneys, a kidney transplant is needed.

urinary tract 

The Justice urinary system is a system in which the process of filtering the blood is carried out so that the blood is free from substances which are not irritable by the body and a source of substances which are still used by the body. Article-jat which is not easily digested by the body dissolves in water and excretes urine (urine).

Teknik Operasi Nephrotomy & Nephrectomy pada Hewan (Bedah Urinaria)
urinary tract

Teknik Operasi Nephrotomy & Nephrectomy pada Hewan (Bedah Urinaria)
Lytak Hops Anatomy

The urinary system consists of two kidneys (Rin) which produce urine and two urethras which carry urine from the gallbladder. From Vesica.

Achieve the function of the kidneys as:
  1. Excrete nitrogen-containing metabolic waste, mesalania ammonia.
  2. Excreting substances rich in quantities (eg sugars and vitamins) and belidas (eg drugs, bacteria and dyes).
  3. Air balance and heat osmoregulation with.
  4. Regulate blood flow in the arteries with an acidic or alkaline cable mascara.

Urinary system with hands

Urinary system surgery is the surgery I am referring to in patients (animals) who have urinary system (urinary system) and urinary system obstruction. There are different surgical techniques for the urinary system. Young will now claim Gejaman's Nephrotomy and Nephrectomy Techniques of Surgery.

Forest nephrectomy

Nephrotomy is a kidney slit or kidney incision to hide kidney stones (gallstones) where kidney function is impaired.

Nephrectomy can be performed with several cutting techniques, namely by the lateral edge (curvatura major) and the ventral or dorsal edge of the kidney, incisors with major curvature being more often performed in uttamlan for a relatively large mascara.

Kidney function transplant should be done before surgery. If kidney function is impaired or urinary polyuria occurs, it should be corrected to increase urine output and fluid and electrolyte balance.

b. Banjarti Nephrectomy

Teknik Operasi Nephrotomy & Nephrectomy pada Hewan (Bedah Urinaria)

Unilateral nephrectomy Obstruction of the abandoned position of Sato Jingal Unilateral nephrectomy of Fungaxi. Kidney damage can be caused by tumors in adyana tadpoles, due to trauma and severe infections that have been chronic. Nephrectomy is possible. If both kidneys are needed for a kidney transplant, the kidney transplant does not work.


Nephrectomy is kidney surgery and nephrectomy is devil surgery in the kidney.

Nephrostomy justice results from the permanent vesicle protruding from the jingal, simantran nephrostomy tube (nephrostomy) sometimes urine when obstructive uropathy is blocked or when minzari of jinalgalami av when minzari.

Pylotomy of the balance of the pelvis and the proximal ureter, nular ureterotomy with incision of the ureter, nyaya geomtuna aura stones leukan melanis or urinary stones (uroliths).

It is suspected that two in the process of urinary tract stones, namely supersaturation and nucleation, are involved. Supersaturation occurs when a large amount of stone-forming material is present in the urine due to a decrease in urine volume and urine chemistry.

Bada nucleus process, sodium acid urate, uric acid and inte Majun hydroxyapatite crystals. Calcium Ion And Oxalate Chemodia Myricate (Adhesion) D-Int-Talk Samsung Samsik Pato.

Processes in a heterogeneous nucleus. Yang Kafi stone analysis will get pathogenesis Mechanism of Saloran Kemeh Patu pathogenesis and is an early initial tapa in Tokansihan and early therapy to get Saloran stone chemistry

Akbali stones are in the kidney and the chalice, the pain is sharp and the lack of luxury. Back pain when the stone that obstructs it is in the kidney.

Sanghe, severe pain in the abdomen earlier when the stone moved to the ureter. Vomiting and then vomiting are quiet thanks to intense pain. suffering from kidney stones sometimes also chills, chills and blood in the urine when the stone injures the ureter, abdominal distention, pus in the ureter.

Batu, especially Young Kessel, Besa Not Sikkim Tsekma. Stones in the bladder can be lemada neweri in the lower abdomen. Cummutus renal tubules may be painful in the kidney or colon.

Renal colic is characterized by intermittent liver pain, usually blood between the ribs and the lumbar spine, which radiates to the abdomen and video and inner thigh blood. Other experimental symptoms of nausea, bloating, fever, chills and blood in the urine.

Patients become capable of wheezing, especially when stones in the ureter pass. Stones can be urinated: urinary tract infection. Zika patu miniampot kimeh flow, bacteria go langdi de in chemical water that is sidomada above blockage, try invex.

Zika panumbatan n old mahulla, kemeh water will return to chanalani de in zingal, kiminada embasakaron who will limp zingal (moh kidney) the coals will finally grow and the crowd zingal.

Stones that do not clean together may not be acidic in eczema, routine urinalysis. The stone causing the pain is usually diagnosed based on the symptoms of renal colic.

Chronic renal failure (CKD) Kidneys have skeleton and fungus for more than 3 months. Identification of the International Renal Utility Association (IRIS) CKD system for chronic kidney disease (Box 25-1) and creatinine concentration determined by proteins and protein-affecting subunits.

Kidney failure is defined as when 75% of the nephrons in the second kidney stop functioning. Congestive renal failure refers to CKD patients with clinical signs (Paul, polydipsia, weight match pair, appetite pair) and Timwan labs (azotemia, anemia, proteinuria) (kidney and terator surgery -) .

The main fungi of the uremic kidney excrete uremic toxins, and the paramanganese system of the body separates important conditions in the intracellular and extracellular volumes of calcium and phosphorus metabolism and erythropoiesis.

Nephrectomy is one of the disguises that can be done on the kidney which is indicated for the expression of the renal pelvis in case of tumors or hemorrhages. Renal parenchyma nephrectomy procedure for Tujan stones in the renal pelvis. The prevalence of nephrectomy emphasizes kidney fungus by 30-50%.

Mammal foot, unilateral nephrectomy, functional morphogenesis and adaptation to crossing and physiological compensation.

Before surgery

Nephrectomy and unilateral nephrectomy of the left kidney under general anesthesia. Animals were premedicated with xylazine hydrochloride at a dose of 0.05 mg/kg and induced with 5 min injection of cheetah or intravenous ketamine at a dose of 4 mg/kg.

Operating technology


  1. The Hyuan Predupada method mask is now sterile with Baracosta Insi.
  2. After the animal is anesthetized (general anesthesia/inhalation), the animal is placed in lateral recumbency and then laid on the tissue for surgery (drapes).
  3. ft incc parallel to the terhili rib, about 2 cm behind the back, with a length of incc, large, large avarice or kesilnia the size of the terhili animal.
  4. Incision from the skin, subcutaneous extract and three layers of muculus secuta also from the outside which is m. Oblique abdominus externus and oblique abdominus internus then m. transverse belly.
  5. Actions inherited or tightening Dinkan Tadana in incubation because Adna enters the blood or the inserted capillaries.
  6. Both edges of the incision are drained from or using the alice forward and backward over the sengler so that the kidney is exposed.
  7. The kidneys sekar loksinya and nagupad surface sekar carefully surface.
  8. The existing fat in the kidney dilur now carefully then look at the location of the arteries and veins of the kidneys.
  9. Clem Renalis Artery Sowing With Clem Bulldog Or Two Tangon Fingers For Mederican Bleeding In Incision In Kidney.
  10. Dinkina incision on the lateral border (major curvature) kimani leading to the cortex and medulla of the kidney to the renal pelvis, the scrotum of the kidney split in the kidney Masses in the kidney (stones or worms). Then rinse the kidneys abundantly in the renal pelvis with physiological NaCl.
  11. The kidneys stop again.

Research also shows that to attach a kidney chart can be done by pressing two hands on the inserted kidney chart for 5-7 minutes.

Civilum Kitembat Kitembat Jingal Tahlibeh Formerly Kisinan De Bequan Dara Dungan Minjunkan

Sodium chloride. The incisions in the Muculus Young Terris were stitched together using a Sederkan pattern using a Chromic Catgut 3/0 Secuta also from m. m obliqueus sbdominis ventral transverse, internal and external.

The subcutaneous sewing thread with the sederkan pattern used normal 3/0 catgas thread, while the skin with the cut sederkan pattern used non-absorbable suture.

Teknik Operasi Nephrotomy & Nephrectomy pada Hewan (Bedah Urinaria)
Lamina and arterial pemphigus repair
Teknik Operasi Nephrotomy & Nephrectomy pada Hewan (Bedah Urinaria)
Temporary clamp

Teknik Operasi Nephrotomy & Nephrectomy pada Hewan (Bedah Urinaria)
Incision in the kidney

Teknik Operasi Nephrotomy & Nephrectomy pada Hewan (Bedah Urinaria)
bangloran block

Teknik Operasi Nephrotomy & Nephrectomy pada Hewan (Bedah Urinaria)

Teknik Operasi Nephrotomy & Nephrectomy pada Hewan (Bedah Urinaria)
Unification with continuous easy


  1. Nephrectomy under general anesthesia (inhalation anesthesia).
  2. In principle suggest the same as sacari nephrotomy through paracostal incision at nephrectomy
  3. After the animal is anesthetized, the animal is laid down with a hard prone position, lalo matsanoi ken drab.
  4. Incision parallel to the terhili rib about 2 cm back with the length of the small greedy incision made.
  5. Bleeding should be stopped by ligation or clamping.
  6. The two incc tipis are pulled from the pinnarik zingal or using the ellis kedeban and kipilakang force to the singleer in the binjang zingal ki pemada.
  7. The Betika kidney and its location and surfaces are now careful with the use of outrigger. After being lifted to the ground, identify the arteries, veins, and ureters.
  8. The renal arteries, veins and ureters were first delegated using a 2/0 chromic catgut in two places.
  9. Settle: New Legacy Kikant Gindag Kidney With Incision Commend Between The Two Legacy Earlier.
  10. Undiluted perineal fat can be separated for storage in the renal tubules.
  11. Performing bleeding control, if there is no bleeding, Saxini's perineal fat entered the retropartoneal ward.

Teknik Operasi Nephrotomy & Nephrectomy pada Hewan (Bedah Urinaria)
Artery Venena Renal Ureter Delegation

Teknik Operasi Nephrotomy & Nephrectomy pada Hewan (Bedah Urinaria)
Diaraman Incision Two Legacy

After operation


A few days after surgery, urine output was checked with a lactate knocker and antibiotics were given for 5 days.

If braids can get supportive therapy for stiffness healing. If urine output is not regular, you can get cyclic duretic bekani by infusion. Luca where sitak must be as strong as possible.

The purifier is formed organ by organ. Skin sutures are usually opened on postoperative day K-5-7.


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