Hemoglobinuria pada Hewan

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Judul : Hemoglobinuria pada Hewan
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Hemoglobinuria pada Hewan

Kieran Young Young Body : Acquired Blood . Blood has different funerary functions and among them The drawing that fulfills the function of blood is hemoglobin. The weight of a hemoglobin molecule is 68,000 per day. who is he Normal pressure through glomerular symphony , but d The kidney tubules will burst again , the urine is healthy hemoglobin not found .

Zika physiology concerns Dizrah Ginzal , Antara others due to bacteria, parasites , chemicals , lack of substance or other reasons subject to lysis . erythrocytes , then a lot of hemoglobin will be released Blood plasma contains a lot of hemoglobin. 

Kidneys have a maximum application limit the return of the kidney threshold of a substance called mebutane . When hemoglobin it is free in plasma and comb Kidney Threshold Then This Will Happen Also with hemoglobinuria Hemoglobinuria is not only caused by lysis of erythrocytes before passing through the glomerulus .

The symptoms caused by hemoglobinuria depend on the situation , the common false and sexual symptoms that occur are red to blackish brown urine, absence of erythrocytes in the sediment, plasma biangemia ( plasma anemia).

Due to the occurrence of hemoglobinuria, this will not directly affect the cows negatively, but the breeder will as well .

Decrease in the ability of cows to mature , decrease in milk production , decrease in meat production due to weight loss, and what farmers feel the most is death , abortion, aboruskaultus , atorusculus.

It depends on the prevention and treatment of hemoglobinuria of confusion Banyanka by Pennybob Young If hemoglobinuria is present, Pearl U is diagnosed which , if they are specific bacteria, now It can be given to the mother by giving antibiotics to the young powerful antibacterial antiserum, can it is done through the vaccine .

Yellow conjunctiva (jaundice/jaundice) is a clinical sign of hemogubinuria.

"Postpartum hemoglobin urea " is indicated in the presence of treatable phosphatemia . Prepared phosphorus. Give Blood Transfusion in Umunga Giving Kyran the electrolyte will burn Jang we snake _

However, bicycle prevention is more than cure . Prevention of motherhood is the application of children's bikes, that is, the appearance of children's bikes, proper and balanced nutrition, environmental sanitation with periodic vaccinations and the removal of carriers of diseases such as capla .

Hemoglobinuria in cattle often occurs with the penis Sevagai tombs can be read next :

1.      bacteria
Diseases that can cause hemoglobinuria are mainly bacillary hemoglobinuria caused by Chlostridiurn haemolyticurn, a rod-shaped, single-bodied or columnar bacterium with blunt ends, gp positinalet me.

until Acute Illness per-acute in cattle and sheep. Can be caused by Clostridium difficile Lania Adlah's hemoglobinuria Clostridium difficile novyi D type. Furthermore, Leptospira is the most common leptospira in hemoglobinuria. L Pomona and L. Rippityphosa, where Leptospira nephritis clemana is chronic.

Bacillus anthracis can also occasionally cause hemoglobinuria. Streptococcus demician zooga .

2.       Pennyab is a parasite
The parasitic disease that causes hemoglobinuria in cattle is piroplasmosis, caused by protozoa of the genus Babesia, which can cause babesiosis.

The disease is contagious, transmitted by ticks. This disease is acute to acute. In cattle, Babesia is caused by Babesia bigemina, B. bovis, B. divergent and B. major can also cause it .

3.       The alchemy of caste
Chemicals that cause hemoglobinuria are often associated with high-dose or long-term use, and may not be as potent as zainada pecnya erythrocytes.

Parenteral hemoglobinuria caused by rapid hemolysis of erythrocytes, potassium chlorate, lead poisoning (PB), etc. In addition to chlorate, phenols, creosates, phenothiazines, prontosils, and sulfonamides can also cause SIU.

4.       Postpartum hemoglobinuria
Postpartum hemoglobinuria, also known as "partum hemoglobinuria," is a disease of high-yielding dairy cows. It usually occurs 2-4 weeks after birth and is indicated by a breakdown of red blood cells in the blood vessels. The exact cause of this disease is unknown, but it is a metabolic disease that can be associated with phosphorus deficiency.

5.       and so on
When cows are given very cold water, hemoglobinuria occurs, known as paroxysmal hemoglobinuria (Resang, 1963). Shimizu, Naito and Murakami (1979) demonstrate that calves fed drinking water at 10.8% body weight showed hemoglobinuria 20-40 minutes after drinking water and lost it 120-13 minutes after drinking water.

Nutritional hemoglobin is always present in cruciferous plants, Brassica sp, and in cattle and sheep fed on green wheat plants. Lenybab is not yet known.

Perhaps the plant is poisonous, causing red blood cell breakdown or damage, hemoglobinuria.

Since bovine hemoglobin has a molecular weight of 68,000 , the hemoglobin in the blood can normally pass through the glomerular filter, but all of it will be dispersed through the tubes, so no more hemoglobin is obtained.

Mass destruction or destruction of erythrocytes occurs as a result of infection with bacteria, parasites, chemical reactions or poisoning and other diseases.

As a result, very young hemoglobin is released from the erythrocytes and hemoglobinemia occurs. Blood enters the glomerulus through the afferent arteriole and leaves the afferent arteriole.

Hemoglobin can pass through the glomerular filter. Everything has to be reabsorbed, but because there is too much free hemoglobin in the plasma, hemoglobin can eventually be found in the urine, which is called hemoglobinuria.

Hemoglobinuria can also result from damage to the glomerulus and renal tubules or from kidney failure.

damage to the tubules is reliable reabsorption of healthy hemoglobin filtered through the glomerulus, and continues with the penumbra of the urethra and urine.

Renewal of Erie Tracy River in alkaline urine of youth. It causes hemoglobin analysis and vomiting in the urine. Therefore, hemoglobinuria is not always due to diluted de-glomerular hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin is affected by a disease, but as one of the side effects of a disease. Hemoglobinuria in cattle varies from patient to patient.

The first sign of hemoglobinuria that can be observed is red-colored urine, which can be reddish-brown and black, as the term "nutritional hemoglobinuria" appears. In this case, when the urine is exhausted, the sediment does not see the red blood cells.

Hemoglobinuria caused by Clostridium hemolyticum can die undetected and exists and can only become ill. He died of bleeding from the nostrils and rectum.

When he is sick, he has high fever, depression and hemolysis of erythrocytes until the beginning of September. Zika animals can survive, anemia will occur at a debilitating level. The erythrocyte count will drop below 2 million per cc, and the hemoglobin will drop to 3.5 g per cent.

Hemoglobinuria carna Piroplasmosis can be acute, acute and chronic. Common symptoms include lethargy, septic breathing, and loss of appetite. Three weeks of tuna. Temperature 40-420C. Constipation is accompanied by diarrhea and blood and bloody stools. Sells hyperemic mucus, turns yellow troll longer.

Decreased hemoglobin, hemolytic fatty anemia. Urine turns red-black. Parasites can cause: In acute poisoning, death usually occurs in 3-4 days or 5-10 days. After 10 days, the condition is chronic, the body temperature drops rapidly and the parasites enter the blood, as well as general weakness.

In "postpartum haemoglobinuria" the urine is red, other symptoms are apathy, weakness and decreased milk production. The disease is acute and chronic and lasts 3-5 days, death can be diagnosed. Slow recovery may occur in resistant cows.

Irregular heartbeat, accelerated neck pulse, rapid breathing, moderate temperature. Rapid dehydration occurred and the cow became very weak and soon collapsed. Enemies develop noticeable "yellowing" and sometimes gangrene and crusting on the tip of the tail, ears and feet. Following Matama during fasting.

Calves drinking cold water develop hemolysis and moderate hemoglobinuria with sac failure and pulmonary edema. This condition is not serious and will go away on its own.

Diagnosing a disease is like drawing, it means taking appropriate countermeasures. If diagnosed as early as possible, the chances of ischemia will be higher. Hemoglobinuria in cattle can be determined under clinical and laboratory conditions.

1.       Clinical
Clinical diagnosis is made by observing the symptoms shown by the sick animal. Clinically, cows have obvious hemoglobinuria in the urine, which is red in color, from coffee-brown to black-red.

Depending on the causes of hemoglobinuria terzadin moderately different symptoms. Therefore, laboratory tests are needed as support for clinical diagnosis.

2.       The laboratory
Laboratory analysis is very important in diagnosing the disease. Hemoglobinuria is diagnosed in the laboratory, especially in the urine of young dipericus. Clinically, the urine is red to black in color and is analyzed to distinguish it from hematuria.

In hematuria, cloudy urine will show erythrocytes, while in hemoglobinuria, erythrocytes are absent. Investigations to find the exact cause of hemoglobinuria can be done with serological tests, biological tests, bacterial isolation and pathological screening. the clinic

Blood sampling can be tested. Zika is caused by leptospirosis, and in the acute phase, the bacteria can be found in the blood. Likewise, if you are diagnosed with babeciosis.

Cl-induced hemoglobinuria. Hemolyticum is usually diagnosed in a positive blood culture. Animal sauce shows clinical signs Serum agglutinin can be 1: 25 or 1: 50.- Animal Zika yields between 1: 50 and 1: 1800.

Protection can be obtained with peripheral blood smear preparations, although this is sometimes difficult. To be more specific, the affected animals can be injected with 50-100 ml of blood intravenously or subcutaneously.

Animals in the park are checked daily, especially if they have a fever. In subclinical settings, serological tests include the agglutination test , the complement fixation test , the fluorescent antibody test, and the hemagglutination test.

Blood cultures can also be used to test for the presence of leptospira. It can be done by growing kidneys, lungs and pleural fluids from the removed tissue. Normally, after the fever subsides, antibodies are produced and the Leptospira disappears from the blood and is excreted in the urine.

Then blood cultures of urine or milk can be taken, as well as inoculation of special media from hamsters, guinea pigs or milk .

Early therapy, which may be appropriate, is high-dose penicillin or tetracycline. Transfusion and Kiran therapy can also help with early symptoms. In case of seasonal diseases, the vaccine before the disease season. Small animal-to-animal contact is also avoided in infectious or endemic areas.

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